Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang (2)


Clear summer heat

Invigorate Qi

Eliminate dampness

Strengthen Spleen


Qi deficiency and affection of summer, heat and dampness, causing general fever, headache, thirst, spontaneous sweating, fatigued cumbersome limbs, no thought of food or drink, thoracic fullness, heavy body, thin stool, short voiding of dark-colored urine, common cold in the summer, summer fever in children, heat stroke, sun stroke, thermoplegia.


Huang Qi9-12g
Ren Shen1-3g
Bai Zhu3-6g
Cang Zhu3-6g
Shen Qu6-9g
Ze Xie6-9g
Chen Pi1-3g
Qing Pi3-6g
Mai Men Dong6-9g
Wu Wei Zi3-6g
Dang Gui6-9g
Huang Bai3-6g
Ge Gen6-9g
Sheng Ma3-6g
Zhi Gan Cao1-3g